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General Cooperative Information 

As of December 31, 2013, SAJELCO has total assets of P450.5 million including its line systems, buildings, three (3) lots, service vehicles and the two (2) 10 MVA substations. The whole thirty (38) barangays of San Jose City were 100% energized by SAJELCO and four(4) adjacent barangays of neighboring towns and city, Llanera & Carranglan, Nueva Ecija and Science City of Muñoz.

SAJELCO has no loan with NEA and up-to-date in paying its monthly bills with our present power supplier, AES-Masinloc Powers Partners Co., Ltd. (MPPCL), an American Company and the transmission line with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). At present we have an advance payment deposits for one month in the amount of P30 million to MPPCL and P5.0 million to NGCP. Our cooperative is availing monthly discounts with MPPCL; PhP.06/kWh Performance Discount on System Loss, Php .06/KwH Collection Efficiency Discount, PhP.10/kWh Payment Security Discount, and 3% on monthly power bill Promt Payment Discount (PPD). As per approval of ERC, the PPD from MPPCL budgeted as follows; The 50% of which was pass on to our consumers through power rate reductions. The 50% used as a source of capital to finance the expansion, rehabilitation and upgrading of power distribution system to maintain a sustainable operation by ensuring low system loss and high productivity. In addition, using the balance of the discounts for operating purposes, SAJELCO may acquire maintenance and repair tools and equipment as well as software to improve the efficiency, productivity and reliability. SAJELCO will have funds for the remuneration of its officers and employees that is contingent upon and that rewards them for their achievement of efficiency and productivity. SAJELCO is also enjoying adjustments with NGCP, the Power Factor Adjustment (PFA), at present, we have 97.36% PFA against standard of 90.00%. 

Cooperative Organization 

SAJELCO has seven (7) members of the Board of Directors, elected through secret balloting. They direct and supervise the business, manage the property of the cooperative and may by resolution, exercise all such powers of the cooperative and are not to be confined or reserve for the general assembly under the law, the Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws. In addition, SAJELCO has three (3) members of the Audit & Inventory Committee likewise elected by the member-consumers together with the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors appoints at present, SAJELCO’s Election Committee of three (3) members, but with the new Cooperative Code, they are likewise elected by the member-consumers together with the Board of Directors and Audit & Inventory Committee. Started last election March 23, 2014, the ELECOM was elected by the member-consumer-owners together with the Board of Directors and Audit and Inventory Committee. 

SAJELCO at present has a total workforce of 146 employees under various departments, as follows; Office of the General Manager, Internal Audit Department, Institutional and Human Resource Department, Treasury Department, Finance Department and Technical Services Group which composed of two departments, The Operations Department and Engineering Department. 


A sustainable power distributor responsive to the growing needs of the communities we serve and focus on the satisfaction of our member-consumers.


Deliver efficient, reliable, quality, and safe electric service to our consumers at affordable and reasonable rates.







These values will ensure SAJELCO to accomplish its mission, and realize its vision. 

Brief Cooperative History 

The San Jose City Electric Cooperative is a Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) registered electric cooperative. Due to the urgency, the Poblacion of San Jose, Nueva Ecija needs a brighter lighting because the existing electric utility comes from a power generator set owned by a private individual and it can only light incandescent bulbs with dim lighting. It was in 1966, when some well-known gentlemen of San Jose, Nueva Ecija were soliciting funds for a common goal to set up an electric distribution utility. On November 08, 1967, an stock electric cooperative was established then called Northern Nueva Ecija Electric Cooperative, Inc. and was registered with the Cooperative Administration Office. On April 08, 1969, the cooperative obtained a loan amounting to P486,973.00 payable in 25 years from the Electrification Administration for distribution network installation and became operational in July, 1969. The said loan was paid before the maturity date. It was converted to a non-stock electric cooperative under PD No. 269 on April 16, 1972. It was in August, 1974 when it was registered with National Electrification Administration. After its registration with NEA and before granted provisional franchise, the name Northern Nueva Ecija Electric Cooperative, Inc. was changed to San Jose City Electric Cooperative, Inc. It was on March 16, 1990 when the permanent franchise was granted to operate and provide electric service in the City of San Jose for a period of fifty (50) years.

San Jose City Electric Cooperative (SAJELCO) again filed its conversion from non-stock to stock electric cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) on March 22, 1993 as mandated by RA No. 6938 and issued a Certificate of Provisional Registration No. T-087-93. The Certificate of Permanent Registration No. QC-1485-EC-003 was issued by the CDA to SAJELCO on May 14, 1996. 

The original Incorporators of this Cooperative were: Mr. Antonio Paguia, Atty. Maurino R. Sobrepeña, Mr. Cenon Buencamino, Mr. Alejandro P. Ignacio, Mr. Francisco V. Violago, Mr. Juan B. Alfonso, Dr. Eleuterio R. Violago, Mr. Mariano Villaruz, Mr. Antonio Paguia, Jr., Mr. Nicanor Venturina, Mr. Manolo H. Tan, Mr. Manuel Villaruz, Mr. Galicano Rueda, Ms. Fe Quibilan, and Ms. Lucena R. Nuñez